Brand new call for Travelling Santa. As we all know Santa likes to travel around the word -also in radiowaves!

Activity will be mostly on HF-bands on all modes. You are most welcome to work us  in this year!


Santa's radio amateur station will be active  from Finnish Lapland. Unlike some other stations we are really located in Northern part of the country. OH9S  is not having any remote stations and we let the nature decide where we can make the contacts. The length of Finland is more than 1100 km so besides the weather also band conditions vary much. Yes, we know it is not easy to contact us while we are mostly operated above the Arctic circle but that's part of the game!

This is the most northernmost Santa -station in Finland.

In 2018 the activity time will be 1st December - 8th December. Our location is in Levi holiday resort around 200km above the Arctic circle. OHC is 907 (Kittilä).

We are running many stations.  Activity will be 160m-6m, possible even some aurora qso's will take place on 2m. Due to expected poor radio conditions we will focus on FT8.


The saga of Traveling Santa continues also in 2019.

Small group of us will active some tba destination in Southern Europe, possible even some holiday location in Northern Africa.

Santa likes to rest before XMAS so after enjoying holiday activities some activation on ham radio will take place.

Activity will be holiday style. Stay tuned on our facebook to see what is our next destination!

QSL info

The journey of  The Travelling Santa starts in 2018 from Finnish Lapland.

Brief instructions:Just type your callsign to "callsign to check" field

-If you are in the log click the"request qsl" -link and follow instructions

-If your qso is not in the log you can contact us: 


Operation December 2018

  • We prefer OQRS for direct cards.

  • We will confirm every qso AUTOMATICALLY via bureau. The cards will be printed and send out to OH-bureau during January 2019.  Save the nature: We don't need your reply card. Please do NOT use OQRS for requesting bureau cards.

  • Every qso was automatically confirmed to LOTW 13th DEC.

  • Traditional direct card is still accepted. See OH9S current address on QRZ.COM.

Press releases

Santa's Radio Club will be active 1 Dec- 8 Dec from the artic circle as OH9S. Activity will be mainly on 80m-6m on all modes also including the popular FT8 digital mode.
For some additional info see https://oh9s.fi and https://fb.me/oh9santa